Today Is The Day

Today is the last day of school. I was supposed to go to the park with the rest of my grade, but I have to stay and work. Which honestly, I’m completely fine with. Yeah, I wish I could go to the lake with my friends, but I want to pass my classes too. I have six (possibly nine, I don’t know if I passed some yet) math tests, two English tests, and a paper finish, edit, and rewrite. I’m staying until at least 4:00 after school too. i will be doing nothing but Geometry and Honors English literally ALL day. But then I get to go to The Fault In Our Stars, so it’s okay. Okay?

My poor sister had the story spoiled for her on Twitter. She was really REALLY mad. It was kind of funny, but I still felt bad. Having the ending spoiled for you is terrible

Now I have to go take geometry tests… Wish me luck!



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