Breath of Fresh Air

Well, I did it.

I successfully passed all of my classes.
On the outside I’m: Very excited leo is adorable aw clap clap clap

On the inside I’m: Korean Joke

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the support of my lovely teachers. My English teacher allowed me to turn in my paper today, and my Geometry teacher is letting me come in on Monday to do two tests I didn’t have time to do. But still. It is now SUMMER.

You know what that means?

  • sleeping  Getting up early to have a fun day of activities~
  • staying up all night Getting plenty of rest for once~
  • eating whatever the hell I want Getting healthy~

All school year I have been:Tired Minzy

But now I shall be: Jjong Idiot


All I want to say I guess is, don’t lose hope because with a lot of hard work, possibly a lot of tears, and virtually no sleep, you CAN accomplish the impossible. Hazzah~




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